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11-15-16 band concert 6th grade ms and hs1044 images12-01-16 chapel mr holley and student band12-02-16 freshman and jv boys basketball zion12-02-16 freshman boys basketball fisher catholic12-02-16 jv boys basketball fisher catholic12-02-16 varsity boys basketbalol fisher catholic12-03-16 var girls basketball game millersport12-05-16 christmas concert hs ms choir and bands12-06-16 jv and varsity boys basketball fredricktown12-13-16 elementary christmas program DK-412-22-16 freshman basketball fairbanks12-22-16 jv boys basketball fairbanks12-22-16 var boys basketball fairbanks 100001-07-17 jv boys basketball berne union01-07-17 ms boys basketball madison plains01-07-17 var boys basketball berne union01-10-17 var girls basketball fisher catholic01-12-17 var girls basketball linden mckinley01-13-17 freshman boys basketball horizon sc01-13-17 jv boys basketball fairfield01-13-17 var boys basketball fairfield01-21-17 jv boys basketball milersport01-21-17 varsity boys basketball millersport01-27-17 freshmen boys basketball harvest01-27-17 jv boys basketball harvest prep01-27-17 var boys basketball harvest prep01-28-17 var girls basketball berne union01-31-17 jv boys basketball wellington01-31-17 var boys basketball wellington02-03-17 freshman boys basketball calvary02-03-17 var girls basketball fairfield02-07-17 freshman basketball newark catholic game02-11-17 var girls basketball crooksville02-07-17 jv boys basketball newark catholic - Copy02-07-17 senior night winter sports - Copy02-07-17 varsity boys basketball newark catholic - Copy02-14-17 rifle match newark hs02-16-17 senior night varsity girls new hope02-21-17 rifle team central cross meet02-22-17 var girls basketball patriot prep torunament02-27-17 var boys basketball granville tournament03-02-17 var boys basketball millersport tournament gameNIGHT OF FINE ARTSregional boys basketball game04-03-17 var baseball millersport04-08-17 jv baseball grandview heights04-13-17 var baseball madison plains game04-11-17 track meet grove city high school for web04-03-17 var softball millersport04-20-17 var baseball centennial hs04-18-17 track meet gc04-21-17 var softball fisher catholic04-21-17 var baseball fisher catholic05-02-17 var baseball berne unionYearbook Mugs for Zenfolio05-09-17 var baseball senior night wellington05-11-17 var baseball tournament millersport6-2-17 High School Graduation6-3-17 State Track Tournament08-18-17 meet the teams night08-18-17 varsity soccer new hope match08-28-17 jv volleyball worthington christian match08-28-17 varsity volleyball new hope08-29-17 varsity soccer west jefferson match08-31-17 varsity soccer fisher catholic match09-01-17 varsity football game crestline09-08-17 varsity football game jefferson township09-09-17 cross country watkins09-09-17 var soccer harvest prep atticus fouts09-11-16 golf match shekinah09-11-17 varsity soccer match wellington09-12-17 jv volleyball berne union match09-12-17 varsity volleyball berne union09-14-17 varsity soccer delaware christian09-16-17 arts in the alley09-16-17 jv football worthington christian-09-22-17 homecoming court09-23-17 var volleytball bishop r09-25-17 hands on wall09-27-17 see you at the pole09-29-17 homecoming and game09-30-17 var soccer bishop rosecrans10-02-17 nhs induction ceremony10-06-17 senior night football game band fairfield christian10-07-17 brian davis invitational10-10-17 jv volleyball fisher catholic10-10-17 varsity soccer worthington christian win10-10-17 varsity volleyball fisher catholic10-10-17 volleyball senior night10-12-17 varsity soccer central crossing10-14-17 jv football open door10-14-17 ms football grandview heights10-18-17 var soccer harvest prep tournament10-19-17 varsity volleyball granville tournament game10-27-17 varsity football game band cheer10-27-017 varsity football senior tackle10-27-17 after game bonfire sc10-28-17 gccs rifle team